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#hey itunes instead of making all of us get the u2 album how about make a skip to nicki’s verse button  

giantflop asked: Would you ever consider making Dylan go a whole episode pants-less? Thank you.


Stiles is actually a never-nude, a condition I found on Wikipedia and wanted to show representation of on the show; so he’ll never be without a good layer of clothing, sorry.


Hi! So I started a rec blog and I finally have it up and running. Its focus is on the pairings Derek/Scott/Stiles, Scott/Stiles and Scott/Derek. I love Derek/Stiles, but I also love those other pairings as well, and when I noticed there wasn’t a rec blog for either of those pairings, I thought I’d make one myself. There isn’t a lot of fic for either pairing (sadly), so that’s why the blog will feature each. 

What will be featured on the blog:

  • Fic recs. Both fics found on AO3 and tumblr ficlets.
  • Fanart! Because I think, in order for this blog to remain super active, I need to include other things as well, and I love fanart. Love it. 
  • Graphics! 
  • Ask recs and also fic finding.

While the blog is up and running, there’s still a few things I need to work on yet (like getting the tags page created), so bear with me while I get that all sorted out. 

You can find it right here

Check out this awesome blog! Everything looks great so far, looking forward to seeing what’s to come. 

Anonymous asked: can you do a fic where stiles and scott get deaged? i don't care about anything else in it, just have that. and only if you're comfortable doing it, and if you have time. thank you babe!

Melissa takes one look at the two toddlers and her heart immediately seizes up. Scott waddles towards her, the t-shirt too big on him, still holding Stiles’ chubby hand in his own. “Mommy!” Scott says happily, arms open wide for a hug.

"What happened?" Melissa asks, automatically picking them up in her arms. They’re all soft and round, like they just stepped right out of her memories, Scott looking all of three years old and missing his two front teeth. 

Derek frowns, looking at the two babies awkwardly. “Spell went wrong, but I need to catch up with the witches. I think Lydia found out where they are. Are you going to be okay like this for a little bit?”

Melissa bounces the boys on her hip, blinking back a tear. “I’ll be fine, Derek,” she says. Derek nods and leaves in a hurry, and Melissa sighs when Scott curls up against her neck and Stiles places a sloppy kiss on her cheek. They’re so young and unmarred by everything like this. She kind of guiltily wants them not to find the witches for awhile, just so they can have a break from all the things they’ve been through. 

"C’n Stiles stay for naptime?" Scott asks.

"Of course," Melissa says, carrying them upstairs.

"Naptime," Stiles says sleepily.

She tucks them into Scott’s bed, and they curl up in the blankets, happy little smiles on their faces, holding hands like they’re otters, afraid they’ll drift apart in their sleep.  

Anonymous asked: Your fics save me from my head issues. Bless you

Writing helps me with my head issues as well. Thank you very much! I’m glad you like the fics. ^_^


We only have t h r e e rules,

Get it together you  two. 

W.I.P. I suppose (it’s been a while since I’ve drawn something). Rewatching the episodes and I just want more bonding (understanding) between them. Ugh. Hope S3 will deliver that. 

In the meantime, I’ll stick to this :




Anonymous asked: hi carrie, i know you're good with fics so i was hoping you (or any followers) know this fic i'm looking for. it is one where derek is a teacher and stiles wasn't paying atention in his class at the start. during his detention he had to write "i will be a good boy" on the board. there's spanking and the fic ends with the next day in class stiles purposely throwing a wad of paper at derek to get detention

This actually sounds like a comic by slashpalooza ! It’s very NSFW, but you can find it right here