What Ms Marvel's rare 6th printing means for diversity in comics




Kamala Khan has enraptured the world as many times as she’s saved it. Now, the plucky Pakistani-American teen who made history as the new Ms Marvel, comics’ first ever lead Muslim superhero, is getting a rare sixth printing—and heralding a new era of diversity in comics.

Although the world of comics occupies an increasingly large part of the pop cultural domain—last year the industry did about $800 million in sales—the number of people who actually buy comics is relatively small. Most comics only average about 3,000 copies per printing; with Kamala now on her sixth printing, she’s headed towards a whopping 20,000 print copies sold. 

Still, to put things in perspective, sixth printings are major milestones in the world of comics. Spider-Man Issue #583, the one with President Obama on the cover, only made it to a fifth printing despite making international headlines. Kamala now joins an elite lineup of bestselling comics that have performed beyond all expectations.



Not only is diversity interesting and cool and fun and healthy and good for everyone, IT FREAKING SELLS!

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Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Who Developed A Low-Cost Water Purification System | FastCompany

The next generation of scientists is already hard at work solving our biggest problems. Take Deepika Kurup, a 14-year-old high school student from Nashua, New Hampshire. After seeing children in India drinking dirty water from a stagnant pool, she decided, in her words, “to find a solution to the global water crisis.” And then she actually made some progress towards that goal, developing a solar-powered water purification system.


Improved the Hawkeye poster for Avengers 2.


i get weirdly proud of people if i’m online and see them post a gifset, and then see it come back like three days later with a couple of thousand notes. i’m like, hell yeah. i was here for that. u deserve it.

Anonymous asked: Wow, thank you! That's really helpful :D I did notice what you said about characters having a diff opinion of the other and slowly discovering they're wrong like Stiles does in "it's derek...wth" and how he notices endearing characteristics. The other points like emotional bond vs physical and wondering when something will happen and that payoff in interesting, I hadn't thought about that but your pointer really clarifies. I'll be sure to keep it all in mind! Thank you :)

You’re very welcome! I’m glad I could help at all. ^_^ 


simon that shirt makes you look ridiculous

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Publicity Photoshoot [x]


I live for this turtleneck okay?

Sterek AU: In an effort to buy his dad some warmer clothes for the Winter for his one-week trip to Canada where he’ll be attending an international conference on policing with supernatural creatures, Stiles finds the perfect turtlenecks on an online website. The only thing even more perfect than the turtlenecks? Finding out that while in New York, Derek Hale did a stint as a model for random online clothing companies. 

Stiles laughs hysterically, clicking once more and watching the turtleneck change color. “Wait no, the purple,” he says, clicking again and nearly falling off his chair. “No, the pink is the best,” he cackles. Oh my God, that sweater is tight, Stiles can practically see his nipples. He fiddles with the scrollbar, finding he can drag the thing and watch Derek Hale, grumpiest werewolf to ever grump, wear a fuzzy cable-knit sweater that magically changes colors.


Stiles is having the best day.

"Stiles, you’ve got a guest!" Dad calls from downstairs.

Oh man, Scott is gonna have a field day. Stiles blows the picture up to full screen, trying out the color display and jiggles the scrollbar again for maximum rainbow hue, laughing again.

"Okay, this is my only family copy of — what is that?"

Stiles whirls around, and Derek is standing right behind him with the tome on fae that Stiles asked to borrow. 

"N—nothing," Stiles lies quickly, minimizing the tab and then turning back towards Derek. "Thanks for bringing it over, I wasn’t really expecting you to use the door like an actual human."

He reaches out for the book, but Derek is just standing there, staring. With his mouth open. And his ears turning pink. 

"Right, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about modeling, it’s a very legitimate thing—and you looked nice. I’m sure you helped all those turtlenecks find a good home. And I’m sorry for laughing at you, I mean, I wasn’t really laughing at you, just the situation? Um, Derek?” 

"I’m not embarrassed about modeling," Derek says. 

Stiles turns around and then groans. Minimizing the turtleneck tab caused the tab behind it to be now in full view— the porn Stiles was loading to save for later, and two guys are now going at it in a very creative position. 

"Shit," Stiles says, going to exit the tab but instead his mouse jars a mute button on the page somewhere and suddenly the room is filled with moans and the lewd sound of skin slapping against skin. "Oh man, I’m so sorry," he says, embarrassment coloring his cheeks. He hesitates on closing the thing because this is one of his favorite videos, and it always takes forever to load, plus it’s got that actor that kind of looks like Derek— 

Stiles should probably just close the thing. 

"I didn’t know you liked— um, never mind," Derek says. "Here’s the book, I’ll see you later." Derek sets the book down on Stiles’ desk, and turns to leave, but Stiles can see the entire back of his neck is red. 

Wait a minute— 

"Yes, I definitely like the D," Stiles says, "Did you not know that I was bi?" 

"No, now I do, thanks," Derek says.

Stiles forces himself to laugh, and just takes a chance. “At least you didn’t catch me masturbating to your weird turtleneck photoshoot, that would have been awkward.”

Derek’s eyes widen a little. “Yes, that would have been. You know that I’ve done a shirtless spread before, right?” 

Stiles grins. “Mm. Sounds nice. I mean, you can always show me where to find the pictures. Unless, of course, you’re offering to show me the real thing.” 

'Horns' Official Trailer

frozenbrimstone asked: does woke up married count as accidental marriage because an ABO Sterek idea just popped into my head. where an Alpha knotting an Omega means marriage(no clue if knotting only happens with mates or what) Derek never imagined he'd ever knot after the woman he had been planning on marrying burned most his family alive. Cora takes him out drinking one night, and he didn't mean to drink that much but there was a snarky little omega who just kept watching him with such a sinful mouth. He wakes up

the next morning with the omega still on his knot.


The light filters slowly in through Derek’s windows, and he curls in closer to his extra pillow, feeling warm and sated and content. It feels like for the first time in months that tense, unhappy feeling of going unmated for so long is gone. Picking up that Omega at the club last night must have done the trick, and Derek feels healthy and happy and— 

Okay, he feels surprisingly good, considering he should be hungover, but it’s probably the sex he had last night. Mmm. Just thinking about that pretty pink mouth on that Omega, the way looked on his—

Derek realizes that he isn’t just hard, his knot is fully flared, but it doesn’t feel sensitive and sore when he pops it during jerkoff sessions, it feels warm and snug and amazing. 

Derek opens his eyes, slowly adjusting to the morning light and then looks down. He’s not cuddling his extra pillow, he’s holding onto a young man, naked and fast asleep, head resting on Derek’s bare chest, dark eyelashes fluttering slightly and that pink, pink mouth that had looked so tempting last night is slightly parted. He’s breathing in a steady rhythm, a sated smile on his lips. 

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